Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Why Marble is Spirituality of God & Goddess…

Soul of God is well known term with Marble that is priceless and gives ornamental look for interior or exterior. Since this article for all of guys who want to know about Marble that is also called “Shining Stone” or “Spirituality of God & Goddess”.

Since Marble is not only uses for Building Material, Sculpture and Handicrafts but also that is essential stone for curving Religious God & Goddess, because Marble is structure of limestone and silicate. Marble is composed with that is combinations of the clay and the physical properties of marble which is form of calcium carbonate. 

Marble is Spritulity of God

Why Marble is perfect for curving?

The sculpturing of marble may be 3D dimensions after curving while another stones cant’ able to give that performance, because the characteristic of marble is softness which is easy to curve any dimension as per craftsman, so they can easy to give excellent typical shape as per client need which is priceless. Since all types of marble curving tools best fits when we curve into the Large Marble Object so we can easy to use of Curving Tools as Hammer, Ruler, Chisel, Small Splinter or other.

Characteristics of Marble:-
  • Tight Crystalline Structure
  • Absorb Fluids – Limited Porosity
  • Architectural Stiffness
  • Essential Hardness or Softness as Easy to Curve
  • Resistant to acid attack
How’s Marble Give Spirituality for God Statues –
Since God is also living with the nature of life, Marble has gone with the purest terms of stones which is religious, so all God & Goddess curve in the precious stones. Marble take numbers of colors with polished which will attract all and brings religious look for all Idols such Hindu God Idols or another religion.

Marble is soul of properties for Gods that is look like a real body, since real copied curved moorti is not only art of craftsman but also via marble characteristic, you can blindly order for curving any copy moorti in the form of marble, and just take after curving awesome surprises.

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