Monday, 23 April 2018

Which Direction or Place is Good for Placing God Murti in Business?

According to old traditions, Puja can be done in any room but puja room should be constructed separately. If there is no separate room for worship then we can manage it on a separate shelf or keep a corner in your office. Now we will check the location of the puja room. Try to maintain your puja room according to Vastu Shastra principle. We are also elaborating somewhere to maintain Puja mandap, puja Mantap. 

The best place for puja room is in Either North-East direction of the workplace or North East corner of the workplace. Idols of God may be faced towards the east or west direction.Most of the workplace holder constructing a separate room for puja in the north-east direction. This will make the heavy load on north east corner. We can have the option to keep god’s pictures and idols on the shelves of North-East room. The North East corner of the workplace should always maintain cleanliness because its the place where God resides and our heart feels calmness. It is the place where we practice mental prayer and send that to God not in loud but in silent words.

We pray not only in words, but in our spirit and not only in our spirit, but also in our heart So our mind understands what is said in words and our heart feel same as our mind thinks. If we joined these together then it is called Real prayer. If your prayer don’t have all these aspects then it may be imperfect. One thing that comes up with all of us while praying to god is that sometimes due to our carelessness, our tongue say some dedicated words of prayer when our spirit wanders, it in a way. Our spirit understands the word of prayer but our heart does not respond to that prayer. If you are looking for perfect marble god statue then your searches end here.We have an exclusive collection of Indian marble statues.

There is also exists prayer of the heart alone.This is known as spiritual prayer and most of us do not reach that level. Can we put god’s idols/images/photo frames is it good to place in the bedroom?  Many people keep asking this question. The answer is simplify that if you have many rooms in your Home then don’t put God’s idols in the bedroom. If you don’t have many rooms or you have only one room then where is the other place to put god’s idols. So it’s up to you either you have to terminate puja or you have to put shelves for god if you have only one room.

We found many employees working in only one room then the problem arises that where to put god’s idols/images but they are not concentrating these things. They focus on god’s prayer, they love God and keep doing prayers.

The statue and idols of God worshiped in the puja room should not face the direction of south or west. The pictures of the God that can be hung on the walls of the workplace can be facing any direction. The person who is praying and worshiping God should either face East or north.

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