Monday, 18 June 2018

Myths About Marble Statues Maintenance

There are a lot of reasons why marble is so popular among statue makers in India. Marble’s durability and strength made it the perfect choice for all the greatest sculptures and statues for its beauty.

As we all know marble is very popular for statues and sculptures that we used in our homes.  Whether it’s God Idols or Sculptures, Marble is widely used because of extreme beauty and works as a gorgeous addition to any home. With their great appealing appearance, marble is used in Makrana Marble Statues in Jaipur.

When it comes to MarbleGod Idols and Statues Maintenance, there are so many Myths associated with Marble maintenance spread around the internet and house owners.  Is it more confusing? Isn’t it!

Believe us! Marble Maintenance is not a difficult task as it seems. It is important to know the right procedure of Marble Statues Maintenance to avoid damages to the marble piece.

General Tips to Maintain a Marble Statue and God Idols
Marble is one of the favourite choices among the manufacturers of god marble statues.  Carved from solid stone and available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you keep your marble statues inside or outside your home,  it requires care and cleaning to maintain its smooth and delicate appearance.

 You should avoid strong cleaning products and acids in cleaning your marble statues and can make your marble statues looking dull.

Clean your marble statues and god idols on a daily basis or weekly to keep them looking gorgeous and smooth.  You’re advised to clean them with a PH-Balanced products.

Step By Step Clean Your Marble Statues and God Idols

You can clean your Marble statues and idols  without much effort in an easiest way:

Step-1  Wet the sponge with natural cleaner, as per marble god statues manufacturers in Jaipur directions.  Thoroughly wipe the marble statues to remove any dirt and marks from the statue.

Step-2 Wet the sponge with warm water  to clean from the downside to removing any soapy residue

Dry the Marble statue with the soft cloth and keep it to dry and do not allow the statue to air dry.

Step- 4
Use acetone, hydrogen peroxide on a sponge and wipe the statue carefully.

Step-5 Apply a  layer of marble polish on the statue as per manufacturer’s instructions

 Step- 6 Wipe away any extra polish from statue using the soft cloth.

Marble Maintenance Myths  to Keep Your Marble Statues looking beautiful

There are so many Myths available for Marble maintenance, but once you know the real things,  it’s very simple to keep your marble markrana marble statues in Jaipur in beautiful condition.

Marble Maintenance doesn’t require and complicated and difficult procedures or much effort to maintain the marble god idols. Just you need the right knowledge to keep them looking clean and beautiful.

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